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The End of An Era

Finally!! A wonderful person lent me the wonderful Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson this summer, and I have been working on this portrait since I began reading the book. I know there are many people who are torn on the legacy of Jobs, but the truth remains that he was an amazing artist. Honestly, does anyone¬†really¬†care what Pablo Picasso’s personality was like?


Acrylic on canvas, 22×24 in.


Technology and the Environment

Do you see the glass half empty, or half full? Is man’s relationship to nature doomed, or only just beginning?


Comic de la semana

Every week I contribute a comic to a newsmag around the subject of proverbs, in appreciation of my Professor and world renowned paremiologist, Wolfgang Mieder. This week’s was a fun one to do after the holidays, and I’m sure its something many of you can relate to.